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Speech Language Pathologist
Speech Language Pathologist
Marsha  Hays
Instructional Support/Speech Pathologist

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Instructional Support/Speech Language Pathologist

Hi! My name is Marsi Hays and I am a certified Speech Language Pathologist. I love being the Speech Pathologist at Brock's Gap Intermediate School. I have been a speech pathologist for many years and I have experience working with infants through adults. I enjoy working with students during their intermediate years because they are learning to advocate for themselves and they demonstrate the desire and motivation to progress. It is rewarded to be a part of their success. I love preparing my students for life by supporting their growth in the area of communication. As the speech pathologist at Brock's Gap, I provide a variety of services such as articulation therapy, language intervention, fluency therapy, and social skill development. I am also the sponsor of the BRIDGES Team. BRIDGES is an acronym for Building Relationships Initiating Dialogue Growing Extraordinary Students. The BRIDGES team works together to approach social interaction skills in a team building atmosphere which improves understanding for one another,provides life enhancing, engaging experiences, and ultimately leads to the development of fulfulling relationships! It is an exciting time to be at Brock's Gap! I'm so grateful to have to opportunity to work with our students, parents, faculty and staff.

A Little about Me

My husband and I have two almost grown daughters and we are foster parents. We have a dog and a cat and we love being home and having family time!