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Counseling and Guidance Team

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Brock's Gap Guidance & Counseling

Please check the Guidance/Counseling webpage for any forms such as: community service, peer helper,  parent referrals, guidance curriculum & schedule, character announcements, etc.

Mrs. Robichaux and Mrs. Coleman are proud to be the school counselors for Brock's Gap Intermediate School.  This year, Mrs. Robichaux will be working with 5th grade students and Mrs. Coleman will be working with 6th grade students. We both deliver classroom guidance, academic guidance, and personal counseling to students. In addition, we serve on the school leadership team, student support team, and coordinate standardized testing.  We look forward to serving the wonderful students and parents that make up our dynamic school. 


Coley Robichaux

5th Grade Counselor (439-1624)

Terri Coleman

6th Grade Counselor (439-1634)

For more information about our counseling program, click the link below




Core Essentials Character Trait of the Month: March

March Character Winners

Forgiveness: Deciding that someone who has wronged you doesn’t have to pay.

5th Grade:

Navigators: Holly Kenes & Clay Daniels

Discoverers: Ella Lazar & Jonah Rowland

Explorers: Reagan Spivery & Braydon Gerstenberg

Voyagers:  Chase Halcomb & Claire Owens


6th Grade:

Navigators:  Katie Rauworth & Jason Crawford

Discoverers: Micah Odle & Erin Clark

Explorers: Annie Lang & Khaslid Ruffin

Voyagers: Aman Virani & Sarah Walker



Important Dates To Remember

- BUCs Club meeting will be held Wednesday, March 8 from 3:00-4:00 in the library.

- Bully Buster meeting will be held the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 7:30-7:45 in room 111.




 Bullying Resources


Research shows that parents and caregivers who spend at least 15 minutes a day talking with their child can build the foundation for a strong relationship and help prevent bullying.


The time you spend will help boost your children’s confidence and build effective strategies for facing bullying—whether children are being bullied, engaging in bullying, or witnessing bullying.


Take a few minutes and “check in,” by asking about school, their friends, and any challenges they face. KnowBullying has simple conversation starters to begin a discussion with your child. 


App Features


·     Conversation Starters: Start easy, meaningful conversations with your children.


·     Tips: Learn strategies to prevent bullying for ages 3—6, 7—13, and teens.


·     Warning Signs: Recognize if your child is engaging in bullying, being bullied, or witnessing bullying.


·     Reminders: Talk with your child when the time feels right: a quiet moment on the way to school or a game, during dinner, or relaxing outside.


·     Social Media: Share successful strategies and useful advice via Facebook, Twitter, email, and text messages.