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Mitchell, Scott Principal
Pate, Kerry Assistant Principal
Smith, Jamie Assistant Principal

Bell, Kristen Navigators, 5th Grade Math/Science
Berryhill, Carl Explorers, 6th Grade Social Studies
Brizendine, David Physical Education
Brizendine, Heather Explorers, Language Arts 6
Byars, Peggy Navigators, 6th grade Language Arts
Cain, Janet Voyagers/5th Grade Teacher
Carlisle, Coley Counselor, 5th/6th Navigators and Discoverers
Cater, Laura Explorers/5th Grade LA/SS
Clark, Andrea Voyagers, 6th grade Language Arts
Clark, Ellen Voyagers, 5th grade Math/Science
Cook, Whitney Math Coach
Cunningham, Lindsey Voyagers, 6th Grade Math
Davis, Terri Navigators, 6th grade Science
Dolan, Allison Discoverers, 5th grade-Language Arts/Social Studies
East, Tricia Positive Behavior Interventionist
Floyd Jr, Carl ESL Teacher
Guin, Lara Voyagers, 6th grade Social Studies
Haley, Lindsey EMT Spanish Teacher
Harbison, Jess Physical Education Teacher
Hicks, Mabry Voyagers, 5th grade-Science/Social Studies
Jarnagin, Kenneth Band
Kaylor, Julie Explorers, 5th grade-Math/Science
Knox, Aida Math Team/Math Intervention
Lollar, Carol Discoverers, 6th grade Science
Lynch, Joshua Electives, Band Director
Margenthaler, Julie Instructional Support
Maynard, Jana Explorers, 6th grade Science
McNiel, Lindsey Explorers, 5th Grade LA/SS
Meacham, Cathy Navigators, 5th grade Lang. Arts & Soc. St.
Michoudet, Jo 2nd Grade/Enrichment
Miller, Josh Physical Education
Montgomery, Jann Discoverers, 5th grade, Math/Science
Neal, Sharon Navigators, 6th grade Social Studies
Nicholson, Caitlin 5th Grade Instructional Support
Nobles, Jeff Discoverers, 6th grade Language Arts
OConnor, Christy Navigators/6th Grade/Math/Science
Pate, Kerry Assistant Principal
Pomeroy, Carrie Voyagers, 5th grade-Math/Social Studies
Ponder, Sheryl Explorers, 5th grade-Math/Science
Pope, Beth Ann EMT Drama
Powell, Laura Voyagers, 5th grade-Language Arts/Social Studies
Powell, Lauren Discoverers, 6th grade Social Studies
Rayfield, Bridgette Physical Education
Rodas, Sarah Navigators/6th Grade Language Arts/SS
Roe, Leigh Ann Voyagers, 6th grade Science
Rutledge, Erika 5th Grade Navigators/ Math and Science
Shaffer, Kelly Adventure Staff, Physical Education
Simmons, Cindy Navigators/ 6th grade Mathematics
Sparks, Ashley Explorers, 6th grade Mathematics
Stewart, Renee Media Specialist/Admin. Asst
Thompson, Sara Electives/Art Teacher
Vines, Lisa Electives, Choir/Music
Walker, Lindsay Choral Director
Watson, Stephanie Discoverers/5th grade-Language Arts/SS
Waymire, Emily Enrichment Specialist
Wilkes, Franchesca Navigators, 5th Grade-Language Arts/Social Studies
Williams, Jennifer 6th Grade Instructional Support
Williams, Kim Discoverers, 6th Grade-Math
Williams, Steve Discoverers, 5th grade-Math/Science
Willis, Christie Electives, Technology/EMT

Bray, Leslie Instructional Aide
Bryant, Danielle Math Intervention/Math Teacher
Cole, Jennifer Registrar/Attendance Officer
Coleman, Terri counselor
Harwell, Kim Instructional Support Aide
Haynes, Melanie Technology Coach
Hays, Marsha Instructional Support/Speech Pathologist
James, Courtney instructional Support
Kilgore, Ashley Attendance Secretary
Langston, Cindy Bookkeeper
Miller, Rhonda Instructional Support Aide
Rainey, Donna Secretary
Simpson, Brandi BGIS/CNP Manager
Vines, Donna Instructional Support Aide
Walker, Tyra School Nurse