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Ms.  Christie  Willis
Electives, Technology/EMT/STEAM Facilitator
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Educational Specialist at UAB, 2016 

Masters in Educational Leadership at UAB, 2014

MAT in Secondary Education, 2007

BA in Computer Science, 2003



This is currently my 11th year as a certified teacher with experience in elementary, middle, and high school educational settings.  I taught at Churchill High School in San Antonio, Texas for 2 years as the Computer Science/Webmastering teacher , a year as the Technology Teacher for grades K - 5 at Newman Elementary in El Paso, Texas, a year at Gardendale Elementary in Gardendale, Alabama teaching technology to (K-5), and presently I am the Technology Teacher/STEAM Facilitator at Brock's Gap teaching all the 5th grade classes and many of the 6th graders through their EMT (Exploring My Talents) rotation.  I sponsor the BGIS yearbook as well.  



I currently live in Warrior, Alabama with my beautiful family and wonderful children. Because I am from Louisiana and have lived most of my life there, I am a huge LSU and Saints fan!  Love my Tigers!  My parents and relatives still live in Louisiana and I have the priviledge of visiting quite frequently.  It is imperative to be close to my mother's cooking!  :)

My passion for computers started when I was a little girl.  It actually began when my parents purchased the Atari 2600 gaming system.  I was fascinated with the video graphics and wanted to know more about the behind the scenes processes that made it all happen.  It wasn't until I was a senior in high school before my family had its very first personal computer.  I still can remember that it only took a floppy drive, no CD rom, and used a very slow dial up connection to access the Internet.  

Technology has always amazed me and after a few years of changing degree choices in college, I acquired my BA in Computer Science.  It was my vision to work in the programming realm with computers.  But, I had an amazing opportunity come my way as I was completing my first Masters Degree in Secondary Education.  A local school that I applied to substitute at had a dire need for a Computer Science teacher.  Within one day, I was the new Computer Science teacher at Churchill High School in San Antonio, Texas.  And how my adventure as a Technology Teacher began...