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Subjects Taught
5th Grade


B.S. in Fine Arts from Auburn University

M.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Montevallo


This is currently my 7th year teaching. I began teaching at Trace Crossings in 2007, working under Dr. Dot Riley. At Trace Crossings, I taught all subjects, and was fortunate to be able to loop with the same homeroom. By looping, I was able to keep the students together from fourth-grade through fifth-grade. This extra time allowed us to start quickly, because I already knew the children, and dive into subject contact deeper. After teaching two complete loops of children, the opportunity to teach as Brock's Gap Intermediate opened.

I have been teaching fifth-grade at Brock's Gap since 2011, under the direction of Scott Mitchell. I am currently focused on teaching math and science, and enjoy being able to focus on specific content.